The Trail Finder 4+1

The 4+1 Trail Finder camper seats up to 5 people. This roomy campervan really makes it easy for a group to sight see and drive in comfort. Fantastic for a family or group of friends. Automatic transmission, creative design and clever use of space means up to four adults and one child can travel and live in total comfort. The driving cabin has seating for three. The two rear forward facing seats have lap/diagonal seat belts and child seat restraints can be easily fitted. The extra vertical space in the living area creates an airy, spacious feeling and ease of movement - and a good-sized double bed and roomy loft bed makes for comfortable sleeping. Every drawer and cupboard reveals a surprise - fridge, stove, microwve, wardrobe, crockery, cutlery, linen, towels and much more. With the Family 4+1 Campervan you not only get the freedom and comfort to travel where you wish, you can also enjoy the economy and ease of an engine running on petrol with automatic transmission.

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People :
Make & Age :
2008-2009 year(s) old.
Year Model :
Engine :
2.7L Petrol Engine
Transmission :
Sleeping Configuration :
One Double Bed: 2.10m x 1.72m
Double Top Bunk: 2.00m x 1.37m

Note: *Sleeping capacities do not mean like number of adults or full size teenagers can be accommodated comfortably. The features, bed sizes, and amenities listed are representative and may be changed, added or deleted without notice. The numerical vehicle lengths are approximate. Specific floor plans or models will vary and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.


  • 4
  • 1
    Driver's cab air-conditioning operates only when the engine is running.
    Rear cabin heating operates on 240V portable heater
    Two seats can be fitted in the rear dining area with a diagonal seatbelt and tether clip. One seat can be fitted in the middle seat in the driver’s cab with no anchor point.

    Please advise age and weight of the child upon booking.
    Capacity is 30 litre. It is recommended to fill this tank daily.
    Hot and cold water. Hot water runs on 240V.
    Fitted in the sliding windows
  • 3

    3x Driver's Cab
    2x Main Cab
    Gas Cooker: 2 ring cooker with griller ignited by match.
    Gas Bottle: A 3.3kg bottle. The gas bottle is located in the external storage locker on the driver's side of the vehicle. Bottle has an 'ON/OFF' tap on it. Please ensure it is in 'OFF' position when not in use and when driving.
    Fridge Freezer: The fridge operates on 12V battery whilst driving and on 240V mains when plugged in at a camp ground. The fridge will automatically switch over between the two supplies. Fridge capacity 30 litre. There are two 12V batteries, one for starting the engine and the other for domestic 12V system. This system includes water pump and fridge. Batteries are recharged by engine alternator and 240V mains.
    Microwave: Operates off 240v when plugged into mains supply
    AM/FM Radio
  • Ample cupboard space, storage under seats at rear of vehicle.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Automatic
    Power Steering
    Power Assisted Breaks
  • Petrol
  • 60
  • 13/L/100KM
    Approx. 13L/100km. This may vary due to the use of air-conditioning, temperature and terrain
  • 240V mains and 12V battery. The 240V mains power operates when the exterior power cable is plugged in at a camp ground. There are two 12V batteries, one for starting the engine and the other for domestic 12V system. This system includes water pump and fridge. Batteries are recharged by engine alternator. The house battery is also recharged from 240v mains power.

Vehicle Dimensions

  • 5.60m
  • 1.89m
  • 2.80m
  • 2.10m

Additional Info

Airbags Driver and passenger
Linen & Bedding Provided: 2x Duvet, 2x Blanket, Bed Sheets. Items provided per person 1x Pillow, 1x Pillow Case, 1x Bath Towel

Please note:These pictures and specifications are indicative of the vehicle that will be supplied under your booking. Actual vehicles may vary according to year of manufacture and availability but your vehicle will be suitable for the required number of people and have similar specifications to those on this website. Specific specifications cannot be requested. All measurements are approximate, not guaranteed and specifications may change at any time without any prior notice.